Duties of Detachment Officers


Detachment Commandant: The CEO of the Detachment. Directs the Marine Corps League activities of his community, presides at all Detachment meetings, serves as advisor to all Detachment Committees and is in direct charge of all functions of his Detachment. He administers the Oaths of Membership and of Office after he has been officially sworn into office the Department Officer or any Officer deputized by National or the Department for that purpose.

Detachment Senior Vice Commandant: Is the second in command of the Detachment and the logical successor to the Commandant. He shall give every assistance to the Commandant and be prepared to preside over Detachment activities in the absence or illness of the Commandant. He shall assist all committees and with their assistance help implement & initiate such dynamic programs as will increase the effectiveness of the Marine Corps League.

Detachment Junior Vice Commandant: Is responsible for the recruiting and retention of members and shall create & promulgate such membership incentives & programs that will enhance enthusiastic response resulting in continuous membership growth. Serves as Commandant in the absence of him and the SVC.

Detachment Judge Advocate: Shall interpret the Detachment, Department, and National Bylaws (the latter 2 in the event there are no Detachment Bylaws). He shall advise, construe, counsel, and render opinions on questions of law and procedure to the Commandant during meetings. Shall make decisions on the local level in disputes or if unable to do so, refer the matter to the next higher echelon of the Marine Corps League.

Junior Past Detachment Commandant: Shall contribute generously & impartially from past experiences to the best interests of the Marine Corps League.

Detachment Adjutant: Shall keep a true record of all meetings, typewritten or neatly hand written in ink in a ledger or log book; keeps a record of all members & forwards notices of meetings, events etc., of the Detachment to the membership and works closely with the Paymaster to maintain an up-to-date membership file of the Detachments active (paid up) an inactive (delinquent) members. Handles & keeps a record of the Detachment correspondence and other duties as directed by the Detachment Commandant.

Detachment Paymaster: Shall keep a true record of all monies received and expended by the Detachment and in close cooperation with the Adjutant prepares an up-to-date record of dues paid by the membership & forwards notices to members when their dues have lapsed. Performs other such duties as directed by the Detachment Commandant.

Detachment Adjutant/Paymaster: Above offices may be combined and the duties of both would apply here.

Detachment Chaplain: Shall perform such duties at the meetings as prescribed in the League Ritual, takes an active part in all Memorial and Funeral services the Detachment participates in, visits the sick and performs such other duties as directed by the Detachment Commandant.

Detachment SGT-AT-ARMS: Shall preserve order at all meetings. Shall fulfill all duties as prescribed by the Marine Corps League Ritual and other such duties as directed by the Detachment Commandant.